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Restaurant Review - Frantzén's Kitchen

Restaurant Review - Frantzén's Kitchen

Frantzén's Kitchen by Björn Frantzén - a hidden gem tucked away in Upper Station Street in Sheung Wan.  Their waitlist is usually a month long, so we were very lucky to get a table as walk-ins on Wednesday night after a drink at Iberico Reserva.  

Overview - Ambience & Service

The decor at Frantzén's Kitchen is sleek and modern, the use of dark wood and rose gold steel gives the decor a clean and industrial finish, it's a bit like being in a restaurant in New York rather than Hong Kong. 

Restaurant hostess was very friendly to help us get a table, other waitstaff were courteous and knowledgeable of the menu, they made sensible recommendations and were willing to cater special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free.

Food & Drink


A heads up on portion - small, think it is tasting menu portion served a-la-carte, Caprice is relatively generous compared to Frantzén's.  We were recommended to order at least one dish per category and maybe a few main courses to share. 

Since we already had snacks and drinks at Iberico Reserve, we went straight to second course.  I had Lamb Tartare and hubby had French Toast.  Lamb Tartare was served with shaved preserved egg yolk, its sharpness contrasted very well to the mild mint and coriander emulsion, the combination created a perfect balance to the raw lamb.  French toast was wonderfully stacked up with truffle, savoury as it was to wake up the taste buds, the truffle tea is also a must-have indulgence.

For main course, we both decided to get Pork Belly with black garlic, beautifully presented and I was reluctant to destruct an art piece like that.  The fatty pork was cooked to perfection with crispy crackling, well complimented by the slightly sweet black garlic and fermented pumpkin puree.

I personally think the food presentable at Frantzén's trumps many fine dining restaurants such as Caprice and Otto é Mezzo, the chef's creativity and talents must be acknowledged.

To finish off the meal, I ordered a Swedish Sushi.  The combination of crispy white moss and creamy cep mayo was both savoury and addictive, it is, of course, a stunning starter like French Toast except I had it post-dinner.


The wine list was heavy on high-end expensive French wine from Bordeaux and Burgundy, plus a little bit from Loire Valley and Rhone regions.  We ordered a bottle of Chateaunuef-du-Pape 2015, it was average at best because we didn't give it enough time to breath.  Honestly, it'd be worth paying corkage at our next visit.

Cost & Rating

A meal for two with a  bottle of wine cost around $2,000.  While it is not crazy expensive, it is a bit on the high end due to the food portion and location.

Rating: 🍴🍴🍴🍴

Frantzén's Kitchen - 11 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan | Tel: +852 2559 8508 | info@frantzenskitchen.com  

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