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Restaurant Review - La Tupina (Bordeaux)

Restaurant Review - La Tupina (Bordeaux)

La Tupina, a renowned steak restaurant in Bordeaux, we first learned about the restaurant on Rick Stein's Long Weekend, the talk of sumptuous meat and big Bordeaux wine naturally aroused our intention to check out the restaurant when we visited Bordeaux!

Overview - Ambience & Service

The restaurant is located at Maison Fredon which a few tram stops away from our accommodation.  Upon arrival, we noticed a few tables sitting outside of the restaurant, we opted to sit inside as it was a hot day in France.

Rustic and authentic, the first thing we noticed was the massive fireplace, then all the beautiful beef of different cuts, the smell of chargrilled meat called for a big appetite.  We happily settled in our table and were served with a plate of salami/ radish.

Staff were generally friendly, although they spoke little English, they were very kind to explain all our questions about the menu.

Food & Drink


The menu offered a good selection of starters, such as foie gras, cold meat, salads, etc.  I ordered a foie gras terrine and shared an 1.2kg bone-in sirloin which was picked by me at the meat counter.

The portion for both starters and main were generous, foie gras pate was rich and melt-in-your-mouth creamy.  Steak had an even distribution of fat and meat but not so much marbling, it was done to lovely medium rare.  We actually ended up taking half of the steak home and had it for lunch the next day, it was yummy!


Wine list is naturally heavy on Bordeaux wine, and I honestly cannot remember whether other regions wine were featured because we had a big day with lots to drink.  We ordered a half bottle of Chateau la Garde and a bottle of house white.  Price of wine is similar to Hong Kong restaurants.

Cost & Rating

Dinner for two including one and half bottle wine cost 180 euro, the meat was not cheap but it was overall an enjoyable experience.

Rating: 🍴🍴🍴

La Tupina - Maison Fredon, 6, rue Porte de la Monnaie, 33800 Bordeaux

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