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Restaurant Review - Caprice

Restaurant Review - Caprice

Caprice, located on 6/F at Four Seasons Hotel, has always been one of our favourite restaurants for a naughty weekday long lunch.  What we love most about Caprice is their cheese selection, especially their 48 mo comté.

Overview - Ambience/ Service

Classic contemporary design, floor to ceiling windows with views of Central harbour.  With beautiful chandeliers, the restaurant is elegant and welcoming.

Being in Four Seasons, it is natural to expect flawless service and the staff didn't fail to deliver. 

Food & Drink


It was Monday when we visited Caprice, my friend and I choice three course on the weekday set lunch, you can choose from two to four courses. see menu.  My choices were green peas soup with langoustine, slow cooked lamb shoulders with cauliflower couscous and a cheese plate to share.

Green pea soup was light and refreshing but it was not impressive compared to The Drawing Room.  Slow cooked lamb shoulders was tender, it had a good depth of spices and overall enjoyable.  Cheese plate consisted of 5 types of cheese, two sheep/ goat cheese, comté, roquefort, brilliant (?), we were expecting 48 mo comté per my former request, but the one we had was 30+ mo, it was a little disappointing.


The wine list majors in elegant champagne and French wine, there were a few odd new world wine on offer but as French wine lover, I duly a glass of blanc de blanc and a glass of cote-du-Rhone shiraz which was medium body with good complexity, it went very well with both lamb and cheese.

Cost & Rating

Lunch for two plus a few glasses of wine cost $3,000, it is definitely a splurge.  I honestly think the food standard has slightly declined as neither my friend or I was particularly impressed, for example, ON Dining offers a wide selection of exclusive and artisanal cheese; Pierre never fails to impress patrons with their close to perfect culinary experience, and I must say that Pierre has trumped Caprice by miles based on this visit.

Rating: 🍴🍴🍴 and half

Caprice - 6/F Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street | Tel.:  +852-3196-8860 | caprice.hkg@fourseasons.com


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