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Restaurant Review - Mangiare

Restaurant Review - Mangiare

At the first sight of Mangiare, we thought we had arrived at a butcher rather than a restaurant, and the food was surprisingly good!

Overview - Ambience/ Service

Mangiare is located on Cadogan Street, 2 doors down from Butcher & Baker, if you don't pay attention, you will easily miss it.  Upon stepping in, the first thing you notice is those BIG slaps of dry aged beef and behind the beef is chef Luca.

The restaurant is small and intimate, it can roughly accommodate 20 people.  Their business hours is 7-11pm Mondays to Saturdays and reservation only on Sundays.  Since they don't take bookings during the week, it is best to get there early.  We went there at 7pm on Saturday night, the restaurant was already 70% full, we were lucky to have a table!  By 7.30pm, they have already built an extensive wait-list and the restaurant was buzzing with chef's cooking and people's chatter.

Food & Drink


Menu is apparently different everyday and steak is the signature dish.  The night we went, we ordered two starters, mixed vegetable with grilled cheese and a whole salami.  Both starters were alright, vegetable could have been better if it was served warm, salami was also on the disappointing side as being too mushy and lacking flavor.

Main course is a sharing plate of sirloin which came with salad with grilled vegetable, it was PHENOMENAL and hands down the best steak in Hong Kong.  We would definitely go back to conquer to 1.2kg sirloin (with more friends)!


Mangiare is BYO (YES!), so we brought a bottle of Barolo as shown in the picture, it was a simple, straight-forward wine with a hint of acidity and young berries, priced at $99/ bottle at Tesco/ U Select on Third Street.  Seriously, it's a WIN!

Cost & Rating

There was no compulsory service charge (thank you!), so two starters plus a substantial main course cost $1,200 excluding wine.  We look forward to going back for more yummy meat and hopefully better starters!

Rating: 🍴🍴🍴🍴

Mangiare - G/F 44-55 Cadogan Street, Kennedy Town. | Tel.: +852 23363375 | info@mangiarehk.com 

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