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3 Coolest Coffee Spots in Mid-Levels/ Sheung Wan

I love coffee!  Its sweet aroma and nutty creaminess make the perfect treat in the morning as well as kicking the mid-afternoon slump.  To make a silky creamy coffee, I use butter instead of milk, since Bulletproof coffee is no long a new thing, if you have not tried it yet, get down to Wing On to buy a blender and make one for yourself now!

Aside from home-blend coffee, I also love hanging out at cafe for blogging and people watching, so where do I go?

Top 3 Cafe Hangouts

Elephant Grounds Mid-Levels

The rustic decor at Elephant Grounds oozes cool vibes and vibrant energy, I love the music, the staff and of course, the coffee.  Elephant Grounds is probably the only place that serves Bulletproof Coffee in Hong Kong, if you haven't yet, check out their awesome brunch menu too!

61 Caine Road, Central | + 852 2535 7155 

MANA! Cafe Pound Lane 

MANA! has attracted a lot of healthy and hip followers since its first location on Wellington Street. Needless to mention their yummy wraps and bliss balls, they also tend to milk-less coffee drinkers!  I have totally fallen in love with Koko - coffee blends with cacao butter, think antioxdiants and health goodness all in one cup!

8 Tai On Terrace, Poho, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | +852 2347 8555

b. Yourself Café Gough Street

Gough Street/ Shing Hing Street is my all-time favourite hangout in Hong Kong.  This is where you see more indie shops and café.  Agnés b. could be a little commercial but this café on Gough Street is laid-back and oh-so-Parisian.  More importantly, they actually make decent coffee.

G/F, Chung Shan House, 8 & 10 Gough Street, Central, HK | +852 2563 9393

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