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Restaurant Review - Bonheur

Restaurant Review - Bonheur

Stumbled upon Bonheur when I was looking for BYO restaurants in Hong Kong, this turns out to be a lovely surprise!

Overview - Ambience/ Service


Bonheur is located on the 6/F of The Pamberton in Sheung Wan, without fancy decoration or fine-dining uptightness, the restaurant was lively and oozes good vibes. 


Staff were very friendly and had incredible knowledge about the menu, they did their best to look after patrons and service was efficient even on a busy night.

Food & Drink


They do both a la carte and tasting menu from which patrons can choose from 4 to 6 courses.  My friend Maria and I opt for 5 courses that include French oysters, foie gras, mushroom soup, main - steak for me and lamb for her, and cheese.

We love the creamy oysters, they came in decent size with a hint of seawater; foie gras was seared to the perfect temperature being overly greasy.   I specially enjoyed the wild mushroom soup that dressed with a creamy foam.  Steak was cooked to medium-rare per request, it also came with a seared scallop.  Really it was already a (very) happy meal for me!!  Cheese plate was, however, rather disappointing, some average cheese served in cold temperature.  


The restaurant charge $50 corkage per bottle wine and regular bottle spirit.  On the night we shared some superb rosé cava and a bottle of Chateau de Beaucastel 2009.  It was an awesome night!


5-course dinner of two plus corkage cost around $1,700.  The best bit is we got to enjoy really good food and premium wine (without restaurant mark-up), it was a win-win!!


Bonheur - 6/F The Pamberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan | Tel.: +852-2544-6333


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