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What to pack for weekend getaways

Hong Kong is blessed with many public holidays, it is very easy to get up and go to nearby Asia countries for a few days without missing work.

My weekend preference has always been beautiful beach destinations such as Phuket and Cebu, until recently I have also fallen in love with Seoul, it is a very calm city with wonderful shopping, impressive art scene and exquisite culinary indulgence.  Packing for city breaks is very different than beach weekend, here is how I do it.

How to pack for beach holiday

A fabulous woman needs many changes of clothes, but If you are only spending three days on the beach, you really just need a few essentials, such as a statement cover-up that also work as evening dress for a romantic beachside dinner, a pair of beautiful sandals for hotel restaurants, a couple of scarves that also work as cover-ups.

When I travel to Phuket, I usually wear a loose-fit jumpsuit with my Massimo Dutti gold sandals.  Hong Kong to Phuket is only 3 hours flight, but inflight comfort is the top priority for me.

Packing for city break

Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam are other neighbour countries of Hong Kong, visiting these places could mean walking around in hot and sticky weather, try to pack more light material garments, such as chiffon and viscose blouse, loose-fit shorts and comfortable walking flats.  I always pack a pair of trainers whenever I travel.

Japan and Korean have more varied weather, traveling to these two countries in summer season which is between June to September, you just need a few silk or chiffon blouse and jumpsuits, walking flats or a pair of low-heels .  During winter months, a couple of silk wool or cashmere sweaters would be perfect, they are warm and light, go extremely well with jeans or wide-leg pants, complete the look with a camel coat or trench coat.

My travel essentials

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