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Travel with me to The Surin, Phuket

Travel with me to The Surin, Phuket

The Surin, Phuket is one of my annual active getaway, I have been going there for three consecutive years for Laguna Phuket (Half) Marathon.

Surin Beach

White sand and long stretch of coastline, Surin beach is perfect for surfers who love to catch waves and chill out with a glass of champagne at Catch Beach Club.

My hubby and I normally stay at The Surin, where we enjoy the privilege of a semi-private beach inside of the resort and enjoy fresh coconut from local vendor.

Where To Eat

My must-go is Siam Supper Club, amazing food and delicious wine in good vibes.  Silk is a lovely Thai restaurant that has been around for a long time, it was established by Lan Kwai Fong Entertainment Group, so they surely know what good food is.

If you want nice pastry and pizza, Bake/ Flame is the place to go.  We have tried numerous new restaurants in the area they are usually quite average, therefore, we end up going back to the same fantastic places.

What To Expect In Phuket

The weather is VERY HOT, November/ December is the peak season and it can be scorching.  It is tropic, which means hot, humid and there are bugs.  Get some organic bug spray, don't go crazy with sunbathing, you will have a good time.

Much like Singapore, there could be light shower in Phuket everyday, usually in the morning and the sun always comes out in the afternoon.

If it is your first time in Phuket, do hire a car with driver for a day, they usually bring the fee down if you bargain.  It is otherwise very expensive getting taxis in Phuket, say each trip costs THB500.  Tuk-tuk is a means of local transport, it is relatively cheap but make sure the driver knows where he is going.

I always order bottled water just to be safe, otherwise, fresh coconut is an excellent alternative to quench the thirst.  Wine is expensive in Phuket, so you might have to settle for second graded beverage or buy your own wine at local wine shops in Surin.

If you are spending more than a weekend in Phuket, book a half day cruise to nearby islands.  You can talk to hotel concierge to arrange tour for you!


We are returning to Phuket in the first weekend of June for another running event, this time we will try other new restaurants and give you an update in a few weeks!


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