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5 Wardrobe Essentials that complete your professional looks

Professional does not always equal pinstripe suits and black heels, see how these accessories lift up your professional image right away.

1. Classic Timepiece

A classic timepiece does not only reflect your personality, but also your attitude towards work and life.  Cartier and Hermès are both timeless, Furla is another one of my favourites.

2. Statement Jewelry

It can be a simple gold plated necklace by Orient Senses; or a Sayan Necklace by Callixto, that accentuates your neckline and fashion sense.

3. Envelope Purse

A structured envelope purse helps organise business essentials, it doubles as travel pouch for your travel documents.  Celine and Furla have a fabulous 2017 collection of purse and minibags, I also love Michael Kors' Snakeskin Envelope clutch.

4. Bold-colored Business Card Case

Bold colours show your dynamic work ethic.  I always carry my business cards in a bold-colored holder, like Smythson Mara Business Card Case, it makes me more keen with handing out my card at meetings. 

5. Power Flats

Yes, successful women can wear flats and look presentable.  Michael Kors has got some beautiful sandals that show off your immaculate pedicure.  If you are Ballet-flats kind of women, Tory Burch offers an extensive selection.

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